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Quality Enhancement Cell

To implement and adhere to the above quality policy the institute plans to establish a full-fledged department of quality assurance and student supervision. The department will have the responsibility to devise, implement, and update the quality policies of the Institute.

  • To advise and make recommendations to the Board of
    Governance on matters relating to Quality and Quality Assurance
  • To monitor student performance through retention, achievement, value-added, attendance/punctuality and progression data
  • To review and revise the MITE’s policies and procedures and ensure alignment with the HEC Prescribed Framework
  • To consider and approve performance indicators and targets for teaching and learning including teaching observation grades
  • To consider recommendations from the Academic and Advisory Board relating to the functioning of MITE quality assurance systems.
  • To provide strategic steers to programme teams to produce Internal Quality Audit of departments and campuses (IQA)
  • To review external reports from accreditation and awarding bodies
  • To review the findings of staff appraisals
  • To scrutinize areas of strength and weakness identified through quality assurance reporting and self assessment processes and ensure appropriate action is taken to address weaknesses
  • To consider findings of the student and staff feedback system throughout the year including complaints and the procedures for dealing with them
  • To draft and present the Annual Monitoring Review (AMR) with an action plan to the Board of Governance.

Aim of the Quality Enhancement Cell

The aim of the Quality Enhancement Cell, underpinning our vision, is the commitment to creating the best possible student experience.

Such a system is sufficiently robust to safeguard the standards of the academic awards and regulatory regime in Pakistan and clearly articulates the regulatory eco-system of the country. MITE understands the importance of keeping abreast of external developments and best practices in higher education and sees this as part of being a self- critical academic community which evaluates and enhances its quality assurance procedures to encourage that culture.

The maintenance and enhancement of the academic standards of the institution depend foremost on the commitment of all our staff continue to evaluate and reflect on the quality of the educational experiences provided for students.

MiTE is approved by Government of Sindh and is recognized by both provincial and federal regulatory bodies (HEC) of Pakistan.

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