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MiTE is a project of The Millennium Trust for Education and Entrepreneurship (TMTEE). The founders of the trust TMTEE also have contributed towards building and creating the legacy of The Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan, Pakistan’s third-largest educational group in Pakistan for K-12 education. They also are responsible and proud founders of The Millennium Universal College, the Transnational Higher Education Wing of The Millennium Education group.

The team of passionate academicians spearheaded MiTE with the same objective of delivering quality teaching and learning reflective of the legacy of 35 years. MiTE is recognized globally as a center of educational excellence, learning opportunity, teaching entrepreneurship, and talent.

We have access to around 25 global academic qualifications, qualification boards, and 8 prestigious examinations globally.

MiTE’s Curriculum is built on the principles of imparting the best knowledge to learners and enhancing their skills. We provide guidance to our students to recognize and operate themselves and their connections. We provide coaching, and counseling, which provides an opportunity to learn from the multiplicity of languages being offered and to develop skills through digital literacy and ICT integration programmes.

Our aim at MiTe is to add value to graduates that are culturally diverse and internationally competent. We intend to extend partnerships with national and international colleges, universities, and educational authorities across the globe.

MiTE is a unique education hub for knowledge, service, learning, innovation, practice, and entrepreneurship that infuses experiential and intercultural learning by personally enriching each student’s experience. By scaling emerging models and ideas that could eventually be translated into lifelong learning, innovation, education, and change for national and global development.

Why Choose Us

Global Outreach

MiTE’s global education wing has signed partnerships with top UK premier educational institutes and universities. We enrich our students to strive for knowledge, learning, innovation, and entrepreneurship that infuses experiential and intercultural learning. We are Local, yet Global.

Corporate Linkages

Corporate linkages are imperative in creating a bridge between academia and the industry, and at MITE we take pride in the relationships that we have built over the years connecting us to the corporate world. Our vast network of corporate linkages provide employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Professional Certification

We are providing an opportunity for professional certifications for both, our students and staff. Some of them include, Chartered Management Institute (CMI), Awards For Training and Higher Education (ATHE), UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and AdvanceHE.

Who We Are

Our Vision

“MiTE is committed to promote academic excellence and to incubate and nurture job creation anchored in the ethos of entrepreneurship, design and technology aiming to positively impact the society towards a knowledge economy.”

Mission Statement

MiTE’s Mission is to provide quality education as a hallmark institution;

To develop future leaders and job creators for an inclusive fast-paced, ever changing competitive world.
Offer innovative pedagogy and learning avenues through a rigorous focus on academic excellence, particularly in management, technology, and social sciences.

Aspires to promote solution orientated indigenous and impactful research.

Committed to inculcate ethical values and mindful thinking.

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Advisory Council/ Board of Governors

Our members at Millennium Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship are our greatest asset. Our ability to deliver outstanding educational institution starts with our team of smart and capable experts.

Dr. Asim Hussain

Position: Chairman Sindh Higher Education Commission
Categories: BOG

Dr. Asim Hussain

Chairman Sindh Higher Education Commission

Mr. Amin Hashwani

Position: Executive Director Hashwani Group of Companies
Categories: BOG

Mr. Amin Hashwani

Executive Director Hashwani Group of Companies

Mr. Abbas Husain

Position: Founder & Director, Teachers Development Centre
Categories: BOG

Mr. Abbas Husain

Founder & Director, Teachers Development Centre

Dr. Tariq Rafi

Position: Chairman Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee
Categories: BOG

Dr. Tariq Rafi

Chairman Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee

Dr. Shaista Sohail

Position: Executive Director Higher Education Commission
Categories: BOG

Dr. Shaista Sohail

Executive Director Higher Education Commission

Recognition & Accreditations

MiTE is an institute for higher learning and is gaining international acknowledgment in best teaching practices, research, innovation and creativity. A conscious policy of positioning itself for national and international collaboration has been adopted. As the Charter has been approved, MiTE is actively working on global and local educational collaborations in the interest of its student’s faculty and administrative staff, and the society at large. 

In addition, The Millennium Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship would be organizing seminars, conferences, and workshops, and encouraging the participation of international organizations and foreign scholars in such events to broaden and strengthen its link with foreign institutions of repute. 

Furthermore, MiTE will also be sending selected students and faculty members to certain institutions of higher learning in the developed world. This will enable them to actively participate and learn through several research and training programs. The method of collaboration will vary on a case-to-case basis. It is assumed to be based on:

  • The exchange of information through inter-library agreements.
  • Participation in seminars and workshops.
  • Student transfers and exchange, as well as the exchange of faculty, and
  • Further progression opportunities for students.
  • All collaborative programs would be critical reviews by a high-powered committee of MiTE. 

As we have been granted the Charter, we would be taking a series of initiatives to establish collaborative arrangements with several universities of repute in

  • United Kingdom
  • Australia
  • China,
  • England,
  • Malaysia,
  • Canada,
  • Turkey,
  • Germany, and
  • The USA.

Our Collaboration may range from Teacher and Student exchange programs to credit transfer of certain completed courses, a collaboration of mutual research opportunities, and so on. 

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