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The Office of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is vital for MiTE , as it serves as a catalyst for translating academic research and innovation into real-world applications and commercial value. By facilitating partnerships with industry, managing intellectual property, supporting entrepreneurship, ensuring HEC compliance, and promoting responsible research conduct, ORIC bridges the gap between academia, industry and society.


MiTE ORIC promotes the culture of credible research, innovation and commercialization for the faculty and students to play an effective role in the development of value driven, real world solutions.


To facilitate in development of research, Industrial collaborations, innovative solutions, mentorship, networking, legal assistance for the patents of innovation funding for real world.


  • Enhancing research culture
  • Promoting inter/cross disciplinary research.
  • Building university – industry linkages.
  • Inculcating entrepreneurship among researchers.
  • Generating intellectual property through research, innovation, and commercialization.
  • Establishing technology/innovation/business parks.
  • Catalyzing technology transfer through spin off companies and licensing.
  • Augmenting capacity building of research/corporate community.