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From the Desk of the President

MiTE came into existence because me and my team wanted to translate our passion for Pakistan into a reality. We call all our students ‘Millennials’ because they have our values of ‘empathy, entrepreneurship, and equity.’

With MiTE I foresee the entrepreneurial ethos growing in Pakistan and benefitting the economy at large.

MiTE houses the dream team of academicians and like-minded higher education professionals that will dedicate their time to adding value to Pakistan’s educational landscape. The ethos of MiTE is to create employability to hone job creators and not seekers. Our fabric is thickly weaved into mirroring global standards but with local contextualization. We want to nourish back the youth of Pakistan which is above 60% of the total population, creating both opportunity and economic prosperity for the country at large.

A strong proponent of diversity and inclusion we will uphold the spirit of equity in everything we do.

Our programs will echo our vision for entrepreneurship and technology-aided design. With the rapidly changing times, we all need to as citizens of a global community ensure that the youth of tomorrow is educated today and is given the right skill set and tools for building and contributing to the community at large.

Dr. Faisal Mushtaq - TI
President MiTE