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Message from the Head of Department

I welcome you to the Department of Business and Management Science at the Millennium Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship. MiTE is one of the Best University for BBA in karachi ( Bachelor in Business Administration) and an excellent choice to attain your business education and prepare for a successful career. Our university is located at the hub of educational world in a pristine location surrounded by the industrial area.

The Department of Business and Management Science provides exciting educational opportunities for students from all backgrounds and locations. The strength of the ‘Business and Management Sciences Model of Education’ lies in its capacity to produce graduates who possess sharp critical minds, a penchant for creative and unconventional thinking, and essential leadership skills to become entrepreneurs. Developing the full capacities of a truly well-educated person relies both on a depth and breadth of an experienced faculty who is capable of raising prodigies with leadership mindset and sharpening their business acumen by bridging the gap between academia and practice. The department also provides opportunities for experiential learning and support for setting start-ups in the incubation center. Students from all majors in the department have opportunities for internships.

Our world-class faculty comes from some of the local, regional, and global institutions. Our faculty are friendly, welcoming, and supportive. You will have the opportunity to know the faculty and get to learn from them on business and research projects.

If you are interested in preparing for a career in business and wish for an excellent education in a superb environment, you have found it. Welcome!

Dr. Faryal Salman
Head of Department and Associate Professor of Marketing

Muhammad Abu Huraira

Senior lecturer
Marketing and Management

Dr. Syed Asad Hussain

Assistant Professor
Business and Management Science

Noman Mahmood

Marketing and Management

Farooq Tahir

Business and Management Science

Muhammad Abu Huraira

Senior lecturer
Marketing and Management

Dr. Syed Asad Hussain

Assistant Professor
Business and Management Science

Noman Mahmood

Business and Management Science

Farooq Tahir

Business and Management Science

Programmes Overview

Four-year degree program of Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is designed to produce business graduates by developing skill-based competency through hands-on experience and learning. The strategy is all about providing them with a high-quality learning environment, building their skillset, developing core competencies, and enabling them to thrive in a variety of environments. MiTE is committed to this model of education for producing graduates who have both the adaptability and confidence to succeed as the digital innovators and entrepreneurs in a world of increasingly rapid change and volatility.


To reach the global standards of academic/ professional excellence and impactful research, by equipping our students with technological knowledge, innovative thinking, and entrepreneurial skills for creating a sustainable business ecosystem.


  • Embed global best practices in teaching and research for developing future leaders and decision makers.
  • Apply an interdisciplinary approach of learning to produce business graduates with employable and relevant skill sets.
  • Capacity building of students to thrive in challenging business environment and deliver innovative solutions with an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • To edify a community of research that creates a commercially viable impact for the societal benefit.

Programme Philosophy

BBA program at MiTE is anchored on the principles of competence-based learning that aims to develop market driven skills amongst our graduates.

We offer Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) in the following disciplines:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing, Sales, & Supply Chain Management

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOS)

  • Interdisciplinary learning: Students will benefit from breadth of courses offered in various disciplines at MiTE to gain relevant knowledge and experience.
  • Communication and presentation skills: students will be professionally eloquent and will be able to demonstrate proficiency in verbal and written communication.
  • Critical thinking and reasoning: Students will be encouraged to be creative and explore ideas to become business leaders and adopt an analytical approach to problem solving.
  • Awareness of ethical issues: Students will be mindful citizen and aware of the environmental challenges to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Locally engaged and globally connected: To acquire learning and thriving for continuous self-development at the national regional and global level.
  • Skill based and hands on learning: students will develop requisite skill set through hands-on approach to learning.

Fee Structure

Admission & Registration Fee (One Time)Rs. 30,000.00
Refundable Security Fee (One Time)Rs. 20,000.00
Entrance Test fee (One Time)Rs. 1,500.00
First Semester Tuition FeeRs. 207,000.00
Total Cost in 4 YearsRs. 1,604,000.00
Tuition Fee per Credit hrsRs. 11,500.00
Total Credit Hours135

Plan of Study

Program NameNumber of semestersCourse categoryNumber of courses in the programCredit hours
BBA – 4 year8Core34102


Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours
Semester #TheoryLabTotalPrerequisite if any
Semester 1:
1HU 101Foundation English303
2MS 101Behavioral Sciences303
3HU 401Pakistan Studies303
4MS 102Maths for Business 303
5MS 103Microeconomics303
6CS 101IT in Business213
Semester 2:
7MS 104 Business Ethics303
8MS 105Introduction to Accounting213
9MS 202Logic and Critical Thinking303
10MS 106Introduction to Statistics213MS 102
11MS 107Macroeconomics303MS 103
12MS 108Principles of Management303
Semester 3:
13HU 102Oral Communication and Presentation Skills303 HU 101
14MS 201Financial Accounting303
15HU 402Islamic Studies/Ethical Behaviour (For Non-Muslims)303
16MS 203Introduction to Business Finance303
17MS 204Business Law303MS 104
18MS 205Principles of Marketing 303
Semester 4:
19MS 206Cost Accounting303MS 201
20 MS 207Business Communication303HU 102
21MS 208Organizational Behaviour303
22MS 209Marketing Management303
23MS 210Statistical Inferences303MS 106
24HU 103Foreign Language I303
Semester 5:
25MS 301Managerial Accounting213
26MS 302Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management303
27MS 303Financial Markets and Institutions303
28MS 304Human Resource Management303
29MS 305BI: Data Manipulation & Visualization.213CS 101
30HU 104Foreign language II303
Semester 6:
31MS 306Business Research Methods303
32MS 307Production and Operation Management303MS 209
33MS 308Financial Management303
34MS 309Corporate Strategy303
35MS 3xxElective I303
Semester 7:
36MS 401Data Analytics213
37MS 402Analysis of Pakistani Industries303
38MS 4xxElective II303
39MS 4xxElective III303
40MS 4xxExperiential Learning Project I303
Semester 8:
41MS 404Project Management303
42MS 405Professional Development303
43MS 4xxElective IV303
44MS 4xxElective V303
45MS 4xxExperiential Learning Project II303


Sr. No.Course CodeCourse TitleCredit Hours

Accounting and Finance

1MS 415Money and banking3
2MS 416Islamic Banking and Finance3
3MS 417Investment Banking3
4MS 418Risk Management3
5MS 419Corporate Finance3
6MS 421Portfolio and Investment Management3
7MS 422Security Management3
9MS 424Merger and Acquisition3
10MS 425Project and Venture Finance3

Human Resources Management

11MS 426Leadership Development3
12MS 427Training and Development 3
13MS 428Human Resource Planning3
14MS 429Compensation and Performance Management3
15MS 430Change Management and Innovation3
16MS 431Recruitment and Selection3
17MS 432International Human Resources Management3
18MS 433Industrial Relations and Labor Laws3
19MS 434Green HR Management3
20MS 435Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at workplace3
22MS 437Entrepreneurial HR3


23MS 438Public Relations3
24MS 439Consumer Behavior 3
25MS 440Direct Marketing3
26MS 441Brand Management3
27MS 442Industrial Marketing3
28MS 443Product Management3
29MS 444Sales Management3
30MS 445Marketing and Communication3
31MS 446Marketing Research3
32MS 447Social and Digital media Marketing3
33MS 448Advertising3
34MS 449Event Management3
35MS 450Personal Selling3
36MS 451Trade Marketing3
37MS 452Entrepreneurial Marketing3
38MS 453Pricing3

Supply Chain Management

39MS 454Customer and Supplier Relationship Management3
40MS 455Entrepreneurship in Supply Chain Management3
41MS 456ERP and SCM Systems3
42MS 457Master Planning of Resources in SCM3
43MS 458Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management3
44MS 459Business Process Reengineering3
45MS 460Contract Management and Negotiation Skills3
46MS 461Green Supply Chain Management3
47MS 462Warehousing and Logistics 3

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Millennium Institute of Technology & Entrepreneurship (MiTE)

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