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Scholarship Policies

The policy of MiTE is to provide quality education with the aid of the latest tools, focus on skill development and knowledge-building and in view of the best practices used in the industry.

Merit scholarships and need-cum merit-based scholarships/fee waivers from the endowment fund are offered to support the students. Soft bank loans and Qarz-e- Hasna policies would be made accessible to support the needy and deserving students.

The top ten percent of students in all departments, subject to being above a certain line of merit as decided by the Board of Governors (BOGs) are entitled to merit scholarships, which are in line with the Sindh Government Policy.


Scholarships, Bursaries, and Assistantships

The MiTE financial assistance program would ensure that any student, who is otherwise qualified for admission to MiTE, is not denied the opportunity to study at the institute solely because of the inability to pay tuition fees.

It considers applications for limited financial assistance from students who have been selected for admission and have expressed the need to receive financing. As a policy, such aid would be provided only after the applicants have thoroughly explored all other possible sources of assistance. The assistance would be provided through loans, grants from the endowment fund, or scholarships to supplement family and/or

personal resources. Such assistance is based on a need analysis by the Endowment Committee from financial data provided by the student and family.

Admission Fee, Annual Tuition Fee, Other Dues

The fee structure is as under:

Prospectus & Admission Test FeeRs: 2500/-
Charges per Semester (recurring)Rs: 201,250/-

Additional One-time / Annual charges

Admission Charges (one-time)Rs: 20,000/-
Security DepositRs: 20,000/-
Library / Lab Charges (Annual)Rs: 20,000/-
Safety Fee (Annual) Rs: 20,000/-


MiTE offers scholarships based on academic performance and financial needs. The institute realizes that outstanding achievers should be appreciated for their efforts and believes that no student should be denied quality education due to financial constraints.

The table below summarizes waivers for high school grades. In some cases, exceptional performance in the admissions tests the interview. As well as approval from the Board of Governors may make students eligible for scholarships.

Tuitions WaiverO LevelsA LevelsIntermediate Board HSC
100% waiver6 AsA*A85%
75% waiver5 AsAA80%
50% waiver4 AsAB75%
25% waiver3 AsA70%
  • Exceptional performance in the admission test and interview may make a candidate eligible for a scholarship.
  • Receiving a scholarship is contingent on clearing both the admission test and the interview at MiTE and on receiving approval from the Board of Governors.

The scholarship can also be awarded one-semester basis and it would be provided to the extent of the tuition fee. The single-most criterion will be the outstanding scholastic performance in the last exam.

Endowment Scheme (Free ships)

MiTE fully realizes the importance of providing free ships to deserving students. Its Endowment Scheme offers financial assistance to deserving and talented students. Strict confidentiality is maintained in this regard. The students may be able to avail this opportunity, up to 10% of the revenue generated by the respective program in the specific semester.

The endowment is semester-based and will be available for the tuition fee only.

The criteria of the endowment will be strictly observed. Which includes proof of the father’s/guardian’s income, whether the residence is rented or owned. Several dependents, a review of utility bills, original request for financial aid application form, mode of transport used by student and academic results.

Loan Facility

Financial assistance is intended to favor and encourage meritorious students, with the help of financial institutions, MiTE plans to arrange financial assistance in the form of soft loans for full tuition fees. The soft loan can be repaid in easy installments. In order to qualify for financing under this scheme, the applicant must meet all the following conditions:

  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA to 2 on a scale of 4.0
  • Minimum mostly family income of sponsoring parents, individual or should not be less than RS.50,000/-per month. In addition, the minimum monthly income of the guarantor should also be not less than Rs.50, 000/- per month.
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