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About MiTE Accelerate

Ask employers anywhere in the world as to why they preferred one candidate over another for a job role and a vast majority would say that they were able to see a well rounded professional in the one they chose. Learning in demand skills is a trick that students need to learn before they commence on their professional development journey.

The Career Development Center at MITE Pakistan has launched ACCELERATE, a programme that seeks to assist our existing students in helping them polish these professional skills. The programme on its whole will be available as bite sized sessions available periodically for our students studying various different disciplines.

We encourage all MITE students to actively participate in ACCELERATE sessions and be in the running to become well rounded professionals.

A student professional development programme that includes building capacity of students on:

  • Analytical thinking & Complex problem solving.
  • Critical thinking and Analysis.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Learning Agility.