MiTE aims at bringing together a student body that could truly reflect diverse academic qualifications, backgrounds, interests, and professional experiences. This, in turn, will lead to the enrichment of the classroom experiences. Following are the general guidelines applicable to the institute’s admission process.

Admissions Committee

The admission department of the institute will initiate and manage the entire admission process under the guidance and supervisor of the Admission Committee, to be chaired by the President and will include the Rector, Deans, Head of Departments, one Nominee of the Board of Governors and registrar as members. The admissions committee will be the final authority for the selection and admission of the students. The committee will be responsible to develop, update and implement the admission criteria approved by the academic council.

The Policy of Merit and Non-discrimination

The institute aims to maintain a standard of integrity, impartiality, and merit in its admission process that includes discouraging differentiation based on religion, race, nationality, and gender. Candidates seeking admissions will be required to apply by filling out:

  • the admission forms
  • providing a certified copy of the degree /diploma and/or certificate of the last examination passed
  • other relevant documents notified for the purpose.
Bar to Admission

Students who have failed a single subject in the final examinations or not completed their diploma/certificate (a pre-requisite)

Admissions will be open to all students with relevant qualifications. However, students failing in one subject at the annual/final examination of a degree or a diploma/certificate, which is a pre-requisite to the program in which admission is sought, will not be admitted.

Credits transfer

Wherever applicable, students applying for credit transfers would be dealt with individually on a case-to-case basis. The criteria based on which the strengths of the student’s application would be judged are but are not limited to, the status/recognition of the institute whose credits are being transferred, the student’s past academic record, is a performance in the subject for which credits are being sought and attendance requirements, etc. The same will be applicable for cases of advanced standing. The decision of the Admissions Committee will be final in this regard. Millennium Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (MiTE) will announce its admission program in leading newspapers and on its website.

Applicants will be required to abide by the instructions given in the application and brochures of the Millennium Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship MiTE. It will be the sole responsibility of the applicant to go through the contents of the application brochure in detail and fulfill the requirements of the application forms and admission criteria.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions will be given on Merit based on academic achievements, aptitude tests, and interviews. Information regarding admission schedules and requirements would be provided through MiTE’s website, Facebook, and Endpapers.

Academic Requirement / Eligibility:

The applicant must have a minimum of 45% Marks in the intermediate course or a minimum of 2 passes in A-level for Admission to the Bachelor’s Program.

The candidates who clear the aptitude test are required to appear at an Interview for final selection. The panel of interviewees judges the candidate on their communication ability, personality, aptitude, and general knowledge.


Selected students are invited to an “Open house” to visit the Institute along with their parents and friends. During this visit, parents will have ample opportunity to assess the quality and system of education by interacting with faculty members, administration, and students.